viernes, 8 de abril de 2011


Shake .. my imaginary friend
See the trouble he gets in
Can’t he be trace back to me
He can’t pretend at the slightest of his ..
He has the power to suspend our rules or morality
And when we get angry he can make the lion ..
He can help me in the fight with his power
Yes we speaks through me and he is always positive
Cause I can just ask for forgiveness and it’s over


So you can put the blame on me I am doing what God said
What God said (repeat)
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Don’t you put the blame on me I am doing what god said
What god said (repeat)

In the name of the one who made us all
I will hide behind these walls of my enemy
By the power showed from up above
I will conquer you cause it is my destiny
And with the .. hand
I will bring you to your knees
I will strip you of your freedom without mercy
And when the earthquakes and .. for the unworthy

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